Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Quick update. Things are moving ahead nicely for late fall. Finalizing the Bitter Pill series with the additions of: Architeuthis Rex, Sea Zombies & Medroxy Progesterone Acetate/Fences. Just waiting to get a yes from the last artist and it is ready to be unleashed! 30 3" CDrs, 33 artists. 50 copies each with 10 for artists and 40 Boxsets.

Besides Bitter Pill Set other releases out soon:
Two Dark Birds- Gloomtown Rockers (After many release date delays on my part)
The Doom Riot- The True Vine CDr
Juhyo- Grave Mistake 3" CDr
The Lonely Procession S/T 3" CDr
The Dead Are Dead- Interplanetary Red Shift 3" CDr

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Releases For October

After months of idleness 2 new releases out now.


Slow Listener- Cold Mortal CDr
One long track of cold despairing dronescape. Alchemic principles in effect.

Book of Shadows- Eternal Now CDr
5 tracks of spaced-out psych/noise from Texas. Ethereal whims.

Editions of 75 each. $7.00 PPD

Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Batch Out Now


Gargotheron- Black Metal Supreme CDr
Weirdo Black Metal from the deep Necro-Desert of Arizona. Raw lo-fi Ildjarn/Bone Awl style with over the top lightning Bolt/Burmese drumming. DIE AS INTENDED... A4 style booklet package. Edition of 106.


Ondo- Alliansen CDr
One long haunting dronescape from Sweden. A metallic pulse that descends into a bottomless pit. A4 style booklet package. Edition of 101.


Behemothaur- Darkcrystal
More Black Noise rituals from Dunedin New Zealand. CJA and friends erupt into a screaming frenzy of junk/noise/doom that sputters and dies a slow painful death. Follow up to their debut on Faunasabbatha. A4 style booklet package. Edition of 100.

$7 each
International orders add $5.00
$20.00 special for the 3 new Releases

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Releases

New Releases out this weekend. Gargotheron, Behemothaur & Ondo. The Two Dark Birds CD will be out the 1st week of March and the Bitter Pill 3" CDr series will be out end of March/Early April... Stay tuned