Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Releases

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Messiah Complex- Incomplete Trephination 2xCDr
Two long tracks of nightmare inducing death noise from Scotland. A slow creeping build up stretched over 2 discs tleading to an explosive finale that feels like a fatal brain tumor. You will want a skull scraping after a trip through this one.

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Nicholas Szczepanik- Dull In Color CDr
One long conceptual piece from Nicholas on this outing. Haunting dronescapes utilizing field recordings, shortwave radio, vinyl manipulation etc. all based around Conrad Aiken's classic Symbolist short story "Silent Snow, Secret Snow"

$8 each, Paypal cart updated on the Myspace site.
International orders add $5.00
$22.00 special for 3 Releases (Wolfskull, Nicholas Szczepanik, Messiah Complex)