Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Releases Update

I am working on the finishing touches for the next 3 releases:

Two Dark Birds- (Here Come The) Gloomtown Rockers CD
Acoustic tracks from Steve Koester of Punchdrunk/Koester/Maplewood fame. Dark folk for those whiskey soaked nights...

Messiah Complex- Incomplete Trephination 2xCDr

Two long tracks of nightmare inducing death-noise from my Scottish mates. A slow creeping build up to the explosive final feels like a fatal brain tumor. You will want a skull scraping after a trip through this one.

Nicholas Szczepanik- Constant & Variable CDr

200mg is proud to present Nicholas' follow-up to 'Astilbe' on Small Doses. Pure dream-like dronescapes give way to a sandpaper like consistency then flow back to a soft crash landing. Reminds me of classic-era Tony Conrad.

After that if all goes right, Gargotheron & The Lonely Procession

Stay tuned...